Invitation- Informations

Under auspices of:

Fédération Cynologique Internationale (F.C.I.) & Société Royale Saint Hubert ( S.R.S.H.)


Commission Racing and Coursing Belgium (C.R.C.B.)


Club National Belge de Courses de Lévriers (C.N.B.C.L.)


F.C.I. Regulations for international Sighthound Races and championships directives

Reglement fci 2018 anglaisReglement fci 2018 anglais (1.06 Mo)

Location :

Racetrack Awans, rue J.L. Defrene 98, 4340 AWANS ( Belgium)


FCI delegate:

Mr. HAAS Martin (D)

Race director:

Mr HALLEUX Philippe

Technical manager:


Race secretary:


Breed schedule:

Friday August 31st at 09.00: Azawakh, Borsoi, Deerhound, Irish Wolfhound, Pharaoh, Sloughi,

Podenco, Cirneco, IG and IG sprinter

Saturday September 1st 2018 at 09.00: Magyar Agar, Saluki,Galgo and Whippet sprinter

Sunday September 2nd 2018 at 09.00: Afghan,  Greyhound and Whippet


The organizers reserve the right to moved breeds to another day according to the number of entered

dogs. Teamsleaders will be informed about rescheduling at the latest 8 days after the closing date


Veterinary control:

Thursday from 15.00 till 17.00 for dogs competing on Friday


Friday 15 minutes after the last final  till 19.00 for dogs competing on Saturday


Saturday 15 minutes after the last final  till 19.00 for dogs competing on Sunday

Control measurements:

Following the veterinary control  all Whippets and Italian Greyhounds that were not previously

control-measured at an FCI title event will be submitted to a controlmeasuring with a 1 cm tolerance

Opening ceremony

Thursday August 30th at 18.00


Italian Greyhounds , Whippets and Cirneco: 344 m & Other breeds : 480 m

Track & Lure:

Double U -  radius 42 m - grass- endless lure with ejection in a sandbox.


Electronic video - 6 dogs (double system).

Doping tests:

According to F.C.I. regulations §1.10


According to F.C.I. regulations §1.11


If the Championships have to be cancelled due to force majeure, the organizer is not responsible

for refunding the costs to competitors or teams.



Maximum 12 dogs per coutry, per breed and sex. In addition the European Champions of 2017

can defend their title.

The dog's last two races before the closing date must have been accomplished without disqualification.

A disqualification between the closing date and the World Championships precludes participation

Qualification for finals:

Every dog, except for Greyhounds, must take part in a minimum of two preliminary heats, the final

Being the third race. For Greyhounds only one preliminary heat is compulsory, a second being

Optional. The 6 fastest times from the preliminary heats are decisive for the entry to the finals.


Winners F.C.I. World Championship: white presentation jacket "CHAMPION DU MONDE F.C.I. 2018"

Winners IG and Whippet sprinters: green presentation jacket "CdL Sprinter Winner racing 2018"

Special trophies for places 2 to 6. Souvenir for all participants



Area next to the racing track. No electricity. Flat rate 45,00 € - Reservations:

Open from Wednesday August 29th till Monday September 3th, 2018.

Dogs are always kept on leash. Dog excrements are cleaned up by the handler (bags available).


Hotel accomodation: