As you may suspect, in order to prepare the Racing World Championships 2018 under the best conditions, CNBCL  is looking for  many volunteers. Should you feel like sharing a bit, a lot or a whole lot of your time and efforts… we highly encourage you to sign up with Sylvia Collins. Any kind of help will be much appreciated, we need you.

If you’re available on the weekend, during week days for installation or even after the event for clean-up, we ask you to register and tell us what your « preferences » are and for what period of time. It is still a bit early to assign positions and cannot yet promiss you the dream position… but we’ll do our best to organize a planning as early as possible.

Volunteers become to eet and drink during their work time.

Contact at your best convenience : Sylvia Collins


Position (not fully comprehensive)



 Number of volunteers 

 Tent set up

 Monday  27/08/2018

 6 people

 Tent removal

 Monday 03/09/2018

 6 people




Parking - Reception



Trash bins parking

 Everyday from Tuesday 28/09